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    Cyberposium 2013 Panels


    Small Business 2.0

    Innovations in consumer internet have created a vast array of new products, services, and business models. Unfortunately, many traditional small businesses are at risk of being left behind. How is technological innovation enabling these businesses to exist and excel in this new environment?
    Moderated by Roger Premo, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group. Confirmed panelists include Rene Reinsberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Locu, Aron Schwarzkopf, CEO, Leaf, Tad Shepperd – Sr. Vice President, Euclid Analytic, Ben Jabbawy, CEO, Privy, and Ryan Jeffery, VP of Business Development, Bellycard.

    Technical Challenges of Scaling by Pinterest

    Have you ever wondered how to take your high tech company to the next level? Or what qualities and experiences make a good CTO? Whether you are a tech guru, a startup founder, or someone who is simply interested in hearing about Pinterest’s his-tory and scaling insight, come join us at a fireside chat with Pinterest’s Head of Engi-neering, Jon Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins will speak to his experience at Pinterest as well as Amazon: the challenges and exponential growth they experienced, the next generation technology they leverage, and what the future holds from a technical and engineering point of view.

    Social Influence

    The social web is democratizing influence, and the social influencers at its core have incredible reach and a powerful voice. In today’s world, consumer-facing brands have no choice but to tap into this new channel of influence. What does the modern social web look like, and how is it being leveraged to create value for both consumers and businesses?
    Moderated by Victoria Song. Confirmed panelists include Will Koffel (Previously CTO, Thumb), John Alderman, COO (Social Code), John Caplan, Founder, CEO OpenSky, Vishal Sapra, head of global business development at MRY.

    Education Technology

    Today, EdTech companies are opening up access to exclusive content, connecting students to instructors, and fundamentally transforming the way we learn and teach. What will the classrooms of the future look like? How disruptive will MOOCs be? Will degrees matter? What are the key technical, business, and cultural challenges going forward? Listen to industry experts as they discuss pros and cons of different business models, impact of policy changes, and what they envision the future of education to be.
    Moderated by Deborah Quazzo, Founder and Managing Partner, GSV Advisor LLC. Confirmed panelists include Steven Syverud, Business Development Manager at Coursera, Rosa Birch, Head of Policy Programmes EMEA at Facebook, HGSE / John Richards, Ph.D., Founder and President, Consulting Services for Education Inc. (Cs4Ed), GSV Advisor, and Lynda Weinman, Cofounder and Executive Chair,

    Wearable devices

    Does the current proliferation of wearable devices represent a new paradigm shift for computer-human interaction? Come listen to industry experts talk about what they envision the future of wearable technology to be, and hear how these companies have leveraged these devices to create new experiences and services for users.
    Moderated by Aaron White – VenRock (VP). Confirmed panelists include Andrew Chang – Lumoback (Co-founder), Sridhar Iyengar– Misfit Wearables (Co-Founder), Chris Bruce – Sproutling (Co-founder, CEO), Andrew J. Rosenthal – Jawbone (Product Manager, Health Platform)

    Enterprise Mobility: How Mobile is Transforming the Workplace

    As smartphones and tablets become ubiquitous, corporations must adapt or perish in the new mobile environment. How can companies successfully overcome the technology and business challenges to unlock the power of enterprise mobility? Come and hear practical tips to kick off your mobile app strategy!
    Confirmed panelists include Michael Skok, North Bridge Venture Partners, . Jay Wessland, Vice President of Technology, Boston Celtics, Cimarron Buser, Global Business Development, Apperian, Tom Lounibos, CEO for SOASTA, and Tim Gu, product Manager, Integrations.

    Mobile monetization

    The $12B mobile ad market is estimated to x2 by 2016. What are the challenges and opportunities? This panel will focus on how companies are succeeding, what strategies seem to be working, and how others can take advantage of the mobile wave.
    Moderated by Professor Marco Iansiti. Confirmed panelists include Cheryl Morris, Director of Marketing at Nanigans, Eric Futoran, Co-Founder and Vice President of Revenue and Operations at Scopely, Jesse Hurwitz, Global Strategy, Mobile Ad Platforms at Google, Paul Alferi, VP of Marketing at Turn, and Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics.

    Future Trends in Mobile Technology

    There are now more cellular connections in the world than people. These connections are impressive not only for their volume, but, also maturity: for the first time, shipments of smartphones will exceed non-smartphones by the end of 2013 (all the while continuing to dwarf PCs). As mobile internet becomes more pervasive, breakthroughs in mobile technology are transforming user experiences by moving beyond form factor changes and extending to fully inhabit the user’s space through contextual computing: handheld devices now have the capability to augment user experience through multiple touchpoints. Prospective shoppers, for example, can now image-search to identify a shirt spotted across the street, compare prices, make a seamless transaction and get recommendations on shopping sites that other purchasers of this shirt frequent - all in just a few screen-swipes. In this panel, we will delve into the technologies that power this mobile intelligence and predict how these changes will transform all corners of the world; we will cover: • Connectivity: How fast can we go? • Supercomputing: What are the real capabilities of our mobile phones? • Internet of Things (IoT): 100 Billion “things” connected on the internet by 2020. • The Next Billion People: Connecting the world.
    Confirmed panelists include Steve Papa, Entrepreneur, Founder Investor, and Executive Chairman (Endeca), Bob Davis, General Partner at Highland Capital Partners. Founder and CEO of Lycos, Purnima Kochikar, Director, Google Play, Apps & Games at Google, Rajesh Mishra, Founder & CEO Parallel Wireless, Inc., and Susie Kim Riley, Founder & CEO at Aquto.

    Industrial IT & Industrial Internet

    Rapidly improving technology in power plants, oil rigs, manufacturing, and other industrial settings is changing the traditional world of heavy machinery into one that is more connected, more intelligent, and better performing. This convergence of hardware and software has the potential to unlock billions of dollars in efficiency savings through better performance monitoring and optimization. Enabling top notch performance will require leveraging the latest innovations in the consumer internet world (e.g., big data processing, cloud computing) and bringing them into industrial settings. This panel will focus on how established companies like Shell and GE, as well as startups, are bringing resources and innovation to the Industrial Internet.
    Confirmed panelists include Scott MacDonald - Managing Partner, McRock Capital, Ory Zik - Founder and CEO, EnergyPoints, Dr. Joe Salvo – Manager, GE Global Research Center, Henrik Holland - Venture Partner, Shell Technology Ventures.

    Healthcare Technology

    Data, analytics, and business opportunities in healthcare technology. What are the trends and adoption cycles? What are the roles of payers, providers, employers, and healthcare startups in the brave new world?
    Moderated by Zen Chu, Managing Director, Accelerated Medical Ventures LLC and Entrepreneur in Residence & Senior Lecturer, MIT. Confirmed panelists include Ryan Graue, Sr. Project Manager - Process Improvement at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Founder at Operating Analytics, Anmol Madan, CEO & Co-founder,, Grant Ho, Senior Director of Product Marketing, CareCloud, Heath Umbach, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Activate Networks, Yohanes Frezgi , Product Manager at HealthTap.

    How Sports Analytics and Technology is advancing the Fan Experience: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

    The NBA has installed SportsVU technology in most of the arenas across the country but has this actually changed the sport? Teams might be making better decisions – but has the fan base seen any results? Professional teams and leagues across the country have seen their balance sheets propped up by increases in television licensing fees, merchandising and private investment which in turn drives experimentation and investment in technology and advanced analytics. This panel will explore how these investments are driving innovation in team operations, marketing, sales, content generation & consumption and ultimately how this translates to a different end-to-end experience for the modern day sports fan: at home, on the move or in the arena itself.
    Confirmed panelists include Shira Springer, Special projects reporter (Boston Globe), Steve O’Donnell, Senior Vice President of Racing Operations (Nascar), Jessica Gelman, Vice President of Customer Marketing & Strategy (Kraft Sports Group), Benjamin Alamar, PHD, Professor of Sports Management, Menlo College, James Yoder, CEO and Co-Founder, Chat Sports.

    Sharing Economy

    How will lending your power drill save the world and make a billion dollars at the same time? AirBnB, ZipCar and Task Rabbit are tapping into reservoirs of resources idling in our closets, homes and garages. Consumption vs Collaboration. Can we do more by consuming less? How does a shared economy benefit lifestyle, the environment, and your neighborhood? Come and discover how leaders in the new economy are using technology to challenge the consumption model, save the rain-forest, and build better communities.
    Confirmed panelists include Matthew Shampine @ WeWork, Professor Arun Sundararajan @ NYU Stern school of Business, Karin Brandt at coUrbanize, James Slezak, founder of the New Economy Practice at Purpose, Jamie Wong Co-Founder and CEO of .

    New Funding Models

    The past few years have seen new entrants in the early-stage funding market for new ventures. In addition to angels, incubators, and accelerators, we’ve also seen project-based financing and even financing in return for some percentage of an individual’s future income. This panel will dig into what these new models are, and how they will impact choices for future ventures.
    Confirmed panelists include Maxwell Bogue, Co-Founder and CEO of WobbleWorks, Breanna DiGiammarino, education, research and social innovation category marketing director at Indiegogo, Paul Gu, co-founder and head of product at Upstart, Jay Lee, Founder and CEO of Smallknot, Alex Mittal, CEO and co-founder of FundersClub, and Hugo Van Vuuren, Co-founder and Partner at The Experiment Fund & Expert-in-Residence at the Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.

    Growing the Startup (prev. Scaling for Success)

    Every start-up has a different story, but the need to adapt to reach scale is inevitable. Learn how successful start-ups across different industries have thought about achieving scale and the challenges they faced during this crucial time. Moderated by Dave Balter. Confirmed panelists include Objective Logistics – Phil Beauregard (Founder, CEO), EyeEm – Flo Meissner (Founder, CEO), RunKeeper – Jason Jacobs (Founder, CEO), Next Big Sound – Alex White (Founder, CEO) and Spindle – Pat Kinsel (Founder, CEO).

    “Space” Exploration: Tech and real estate

    The US population is growing past 320 million. Rents for apartments in metropolitan SF and NY are the highest in history, averaging $3000/month. The housing market is out of the slump and heading towards new heights. Find out how entrepreneurs are disrupting one of the oldest industries and using technology to help us find apartments, buy homes, and deal with our space. Moderated by Will Young. Confirmed panelists include Anthemos Georgiades, CEO, Chris Herndon - President & Co-Founder,, Nick Romito - Founder & CEO, ViewTheSpace, Serena Keith - Head of Product, Lovely, and Dave Eisenberg - Founder & CEO, Floored.